Helicopter Rent in Bangladesh

ITS Holidays has been a travel agency providing travel-related services inside Bangladesh and worldwide since 2010. Helicopter trips in recent years have been booming more than ever. ITS Holidays is here to serve you helicopter trip services whenever you need them. We are committed to serving premium and luxurious ambiance as well as service.

Our helicopter trips are exclusively designed to provide helicopter charters, corporate services, VIP travel in case of emergencies, air ambulance service, and many more. 

Book Your Helicopter Trip With The Best Helicopter Trip Provider: ITS Holidays Ltd.

We are one of the leading helicopter trip service providers, primarily due to the variety of services we have to offer. Here are all the services we engage in:. We provide and apply all of these services worldwide, to places like the USA, Europe, Bangladesh, Nepal, Dubai, and beyond.

Charter Services

ITS Holidays’ helicopter charter services offer a customized and adaptable way to travel by air. Our premium customers, such as buyers, can customize the route to suit their needs by renting a helicopter for any special urgent corporate. This service is frequently utilized for business meetings, private gatherings, and transportation to far-off places at abroad and home.

Charter customers—both international customers and domestic customers—enjoy the ease of point-to-point travel without the limitations of conventional airports and set flight times. chopper charters are an appealing choice for individuals looking for a personalized and effective travel experience because they allow them to select the type of chopper and alter the travel schedule.

Bangladesh Helicopter Service:

Professionally trained captains. Our helicopter charter services allow you to meet tight schedules by avoiding traffic congestion and crowded airport terminals. With our specialized helicopter services in Bangladesh, we have expertise in delivering professional helicopter charter services. We offer 24/7 helicopter services in Bangladesh. We provide customized services that are best suited to your requirements and preferences.

Types of Helicopters

The following are the types of flights that we provide:

  • Bell-429 Helicopter
  • Bell-407 Helicopter
  • Bell-206 Helicopter
  • Robinson 66
  • Robinson 44
  • Eurocopter EC-130
  • Eurocopter EC-135

We provide helicopters for different purposes, such as:

  • Marriage Ceremony (Time Table: 09:00am to 05:00pm - maximum, only daylight can fly Helicopter)
  • Visiting Different Places among Bangladesh
  • Spreading Leaflets
  • Carrying Passengers
  • Carrying Patients (only 02 people can fly with patients)
  • Carrying VIP Guests
  • Film Shooting (Windows Glass cannot open)
  • Sightseeing etc.
  • Carrying Coffin (Size MUST be 6*1.5 Fit) (only 2 persons can fly with Coffin)

Bangladesh helicopter chartering fees:

Serial No. Route Commercial Flight Medical Flight Friday/Saturday Extra 20% Waiting Cost (per hour)
1 Dhaka to Khulna 1,70,000.00/- 1,90,000.00/- Yes 8,000
2 Dhaka to Barishal 1,65,000.00/- 1,85,000.00/- Yes 8,000
3 Dhaka to Bogura 1,70,000.00/- 1,90,000.00/- Yes 8,000
4 Dhaka to Chittagong 2,30,000.00/- 2,50,000.00/- Yes 8,000
5 Dhaka to Sylhet 2,10,000.00/- 2,30,000.00/- Yes 8,000
6 Dhaka to Rajshahi 2,10,000.00/- 2,30,000.00/- Yes 8,000
7 Dhaka to Mymensingh 1,30,000.00/- 1,45,000.00/- Yes 8,000
8 Dhaka to Rangpur 2,45,000.00/- 2,65,000.00/- Yes 8,000
9 Dhaka to Dinajpur 2,65,000.00/- 2,85,000.00/- Yes 8,000
10 Dhaka to Noakhali 1,65,000.00/- 1,85,000.00/- Yes 8,000
11 Dhaka to Sherpur 1,65,000.00/- 1,80,000.00/- Yes 8,000
12 Dhaka to Sirajganj 1,35,000.00/- 1,60,000.00/- Yes 8,000
13 Dhaka to Satkhira 2,05,000.00/- 2,25,000.00/- Yes 8,000
14 Dhaka to Sawndip 2,05,000.00/- 2,25,000.00/- Yes 8,000
15 Dhaka to Rangamati 2,45,000.00/- 2,65,000.00/- Yes 8,000
16 Dhaka to Pirojpur 1,80,000.00/- 2,00,000.00/- Yes 8,000
17 Dhaka to Patuakhali 1,95,000.00/- 2,15,000.00/- Yes 8,000
18 Dhaka to Panchagar 3,30,000.00/- 3,50,000.00/- Yes 8,000
19 Dhaka to Narsingdi 1,00,000.00/- 1,20,000.00/- Yes 8,000
20 Dhaka to Narayanganj 1,00,000.00/- 1,20,000.00/- Yes 8,000
21 Dhaka to Nilphamari 2,95,000.00/- 3,15,000.00/- Yes 8,000
22 Dhaka to Netrokona 1,55,000.00/- 1,75,000.00/- Yes 8,000
23 Dhaka to Natore 1,80,000.00/- 2,00,000.00/- Yes 8,000
24 Dhaka to Narail 1,55,000.00/- 1,75,000.00/- Yes 8,000
25 Dhaka to Naogaon 2,10,000.00/- 2,30,000.00/- Yes 8,000
26 Dhaka to Munshiganj 1,05,000.00/- 1,25,000.00/- Yes 8,000
27 Dhaka to Manikganj 1,05,000.00/- 1,25,000.00/- Yes 8,000
28 Dhaka to Maulavi Bazar 1,75,000.00/- 1,95,000.00/- Yes 8,000
29 Dhaka to Magura 1,45,000.00/- 1,65,000.00/- Yes 8,000
30 Dhaka to Madaripur 1,30,000.00/- 1,50,000.00/- Yes 8,000
31 Dhaka to Kustia 1,65,000.00/- 1,75,000.00/- Yes 8,000
32 Dhaka to Kurigram 2,60,000.00/- 2,80,000.00/- Yes 8,000
33 Dhaka to Joypurhat 2,10,000.00/- 2,30,000.00/- Yes 8,000
34 Dhaka to Jhenaida 1,55,000.00/- 1,75,000.00/- Yes 8,000
35 Dhaka to Jamalpur 1,80,000.00/- 2,00,000.00/- Yes 8,000
36 Dhaka to Jhalakati 1,75,000.00/- 1,95,000.00/- Yes 8,000
37 Dhaka to Ishurdi 1,65,000.00/- 1,95,000.00/- Yes 8,000
38 Dhaka to Hobiganj 1,55,000.00/- 1,75,000.00/- Yes 8,000
39 Dhaka to Gopalganj 1,55,000.00/- 1,75,000.00/- Yes 8,000
40 Dhaka to Gaibandha 2,05,000.00/- 2,25,000.00/- Yes 8,000
41 Dhaka to Feni 1,65,000.00/- 1,80,000.00/- Yes 8,000
42 Dhaka to Bhola 1,75,000.00/- 1,95,000.00/- Yes 8,000
43 Dhaka to Bandarban 2,75,000.00/- 2,95,000.00/- Yes 8,000
44 Dhaka to Barguna 2,05,000.00/- 2,25,000.00/- Yes 8,000
45 Dhaka to Bagherhat 1,75,000.00/- 1,95,000.00/- Yes 8,000
46 Dhaka to Comilla 1,30,000.00/- 1,50,000.00/- Yes 8,000
47 Dhaka to Gazipur 1,00,000.00/- 1,20,000.00/- Yes 8,000
48 Dhaka to Thakurgaon 3,05,000.00/- 3,25,000.00/- Yes 8,000
49 Dhaka to Lalmonirhat 2,85,000.00/- 3,05,000.00/- Yes 8,000
50 Dhaka to Sunamganj 1,85,000.00/- 2,05,000.00/- Yes 8,000
51 Dhaka to Kishorganj 1,20,000.00/- 1,40,000.00/- Yes 8,000
52 Dhaka to Tangile 1,05,000.00/- 1,25,000.00/- Yes 8,000
53 Dhaka to Pabna 1,55,000.00/- 1,75,000.00/- Yes 8,000
54 Dhaka to Meherpur 1,95,000.00/- 2,15,000.00/- Yes 8,000
55 Dhaka to Chuadanga 1,85,000.00/- 2,05,000.00/- Yes 8,000
56 Dhaka to Rajbari 1,20,000.00/- 1,40,000.00/- Yes 8,000
57 Dhaka to B.Baria 1,20,000.00/- 1,40,000.00/- Yes 8,000
58 Dhaka to Chandpur 1,20,000.00/- 1,40,000.00/- Yes 8,000
59 Dhaka to Lakshmipur 1,45,000.00/- 1,65,000.00/- Yes 8,000
60 Dhaka to Khagrachori 2,45,000.00/- 1,65,000.00/- Yes 8,000
61 Dhaka to Cox's Bazaar 3,10,000.00/- 3,30,000.00/- Yes 8,000
62 Dhaka to Jashore 1,65,000.00/- 1,85,000.00/- Yes 8,000
63 Dhaka to Faridpur 1,20,000.00/- 1,40,000.00/- Yes 8,000
64 Dhaka to Shariatpur 1,20,000.00/- 1,40,000.00/- Yes 8,000
65 Dhaka to Chapainababganj 2,45,000.00/- 1,65,000.00/- Yes 8,000

Note: All prices are quoted in Bangladeshi taka (BDT). These rates are subject to availability and may change.

Helicopter Short Details:

Bell-407 Helicopter
The Bell 407 is classified as a mid-size helicopter. It can be used for: corporate, medical, wedding, and political parties.

Typical seating configuration for seven, comprising a pilot and passengers, with five passengers in the main cabin. Max hook capacity: 1200 kg (2645 lb).

Bell-429 Helicopter
Based on the Bell 427, Bell Helicopter and Korea Aerospace Industries created the lightweight, twin-engine Bell 429 helicopter.

Crew: one pilot with 7 passengers
Top speed: 273 km/h
Max takeoff weight: 7,000 lb (3,175 kg).

Agusta-109 Helicopter
Operators benefit from high cruise speed and excellent performance, with competitive acquisition and direct operating costs. The platform is mission-capable day or night, for single or dual pilot IFR operations and compliant with JAR OPS 3 requirements for Category A operations, even at Max Take-Off Weight (MTOW).

MTOW: 2,850 / 3,000 kg Powerplant: 2 x Pratt & Whitney Canada PW206C (Take-Off: 2 x 640 shp) Crew/Passengers: 1 or 2 pilots with 6 or 7 passengers.

Bell-206 Helicopter
The Bell 206 is a family of two-bladed, single-engined helicopters, manufactured by Bell Helicopter.

Crew: one pilot with four passengers
Top speed: 222 km/h
Max takeoff weight: 3,200 lb (1,451 kg).

Eurocopter EC-135 Helicopter
The Eurocopter EC-135 Helicopter can accommodate five passengers and a pilot when configured with a standard executive interior, or seven passengers in a dense corporate interior.

Crew: one pilot with 5 passengers
Top speed: 140 kts/h
Max takeoff weight: 7,000 lb (3,175 kg).

Robinson R-66 or R-44 Helicopter
Robinson Helicopter Company created and produced the Robinson R66 helicopter. It has five seats, a separate cargo compartment and is powered by a Rolls-Royce RR300 turboshaft engine.

Crew: one pilot with 5 passengers
Top speed: 220 km/h
Max takeoff weight: 7,000 lb (3,175 kg).

Call for Helicopter Booking:

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VIP Transportation for Urgent Meetings and Corporate Events

Helicopters are frequently used for VIP transportation, offering opulent and quick transportation for prominent people, celebrities, and corporate leaders. In addition to ease and privacy, this service allows users to avoid the problems associated with traditional modes of transport.

For example, important buyers who have urgent meetings or negotiations with businessmen in Bangladesh, Dubai, Nepal, or any other country, can use our helicopter service at ease.

VIPs can travel smoothly and comfortably for events, business meetings, or personal travel. ITS Holidays Ltd. promises to satisfy the unique requirements and guarantee a high standard of service, including individualized luxuries and security precautions.

Special Occasions Like Weddings

For special occasions and gatherings, helicopter charters are common since they provide a unique and memorable experience. Helicopter services offer an exciting complement to any celebration, be it an anniversary, wedding, or another occasion, and a distinctive way to get around.

During the event, helicopters can be utilized for aerial photography to capture priceless moments. We collaborate directly with our elite customers to customize the experience to the particular needs of the occasion, guaranteeing an amazing and unique celebration.

Just like every service mentioned here, we provide this service in Bangladesh, Dubai, Nepal, Europe, the USA, and plenty of countries globally to our luxury customers.

In our country, this service is perfect for destination weddings held in the famous Cox Bazar, Sylhet, and Bhawal among many others. 

Services for Air Ambulance

ITS Holidays offers air ambulance services that guarantee patients are transported to hospitals promptly and safely. Air ambulance services are a lifesaver in critical medical conditions. Especially, when it is vital to reach a hospital in time amid traffic.

To guarantee that patients receive the right care and are stabilized during transit, helicopters are outfitted with healthcare facilities and trained personnel.

When there is a medical emergency, our air ambulance service can respond quickly, especially in places with poor ground access. This enables hospitals and other healthcare institutions to receive patients safely within an instant.

This service can come in great handy for our domestic customers in Bangladesh where there is immense traffic due to population or our international customers in Dubai, Europe, Nepal along plenty of other countries.

Multinational Business Services

ITS Holidays helicopter trips service provider provides corporate services for a range of business-related tasks. Executive transportation to and from events, meetings, and company getaways falls under this category. Helicopter transportation saves a lot of time as it's swift.

Additionally, helicopters can be utilized for corporate events and team-building activities, providing clients and employees with an exceptional and unforgettable experience. Because corporate helicopter services increase productivity, they are a popular alternative for businesses searching for creative transportation solutions.

Photographing and filming from the air

Helicopters are essential for projects involving aerial photography and videography because of their agility and capacity to reach difficult spots. Providers of helicopter trips serve professionals in the photography, film, and television sectors by providing platforms and specialized equipment for taking excellent aerial photos.

Helicopters are indispensable for aerial surveys, advertising videos, and documentaries because of their versatility, which enables photographers and cinematographers to create dynamic and imaginative viewpoints. The value of this service is in its ability to create visually compelling stories and engaging material.


Besides charters, our helicopter trip service specializes in providing idyllic tours that give clients an unforgettable and timeless view of different regions. These tours frequently pass by well-known sites, breathtaking natural formations, and charming areas.

When seeking an exciting way to take in a place's natural beauty, tourists frequently choose helicopter rides. You may create an unforgettable and engaging experience with the aid of ITS Holidays.

Operations for Search and Rescue

ITS Holidays, like certain helicopter trip service companies, offers essential assistance in emergencies by specializing in search and rescue activities. These operations are a good fit for helicopters because of their agility and ability to reach difficult or isolated areas rapidly.

Southeast Asian countries that are prone to natural calamities can greatly benefit from this service. Any country can use our service as we provide worldwide helicopter trip services.

Why Demand For Helicopter Trips Continues to Grow

Helicopter travel is becoming more accessible and economical for a variety of uses, such as special events, business, and tourism, thanks to technological advancements and improved functionality. A wider spectrum of customers can now avail of helicopter excursion services.

Individuals are increasingly looking for unusual and unforgettable experiences. As they provide an alternative viewpoint and the excitement of flight, helicopter trips are appealing to those who want to make unforgettable experiences for important events.

Helicopter travel is a more direct and time-efficient option in densely populated cities. Celebrities and company executives who want to travel as efficiently as possible often choose helicopter charters.

Why Choose Us

ITS Holidays offers you a range of exclusive, highly premium helicopter rental services you will find nowhere else. We have wide experience in operating over a hundred countries and bringing them top-tier helicopter trip services.

Our extensive variety of services leaves no stone unturned to fulfill all our customer's wishes. We offer 24/7 dedicated customer support. Our high-end services are bound to impress our customers and keep them coming back for more.