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Umrah Packages from Bangladesh

Do you dream of performing Umrah at an affordable price? ITS Holidays is a renowned provider of the best Umrah Packages.

Find out more about the features of our facilities and reasonable prices here!

Top 10 Best Umrah Packages from Bangladesh

Here we’ve listed ten popular Umrah packages that ITS Holidays offers -

1. Exclusive Umrah Package

This Umrah package will cost you only 120,500 BDT along with the flight. It is your chance to try a non-stop 10-day stay with great transport and tailored schedules!

2. Dubai and Umrah Tour Package

Enjoy one night in Makkah, one night in Al-Madinah, and one night in Dubai in this package! Buy this opportunity for only 135,500 BDT. They even cover all the hotel bookings, transfers, and local guides!

3. Umrah and Jordan Tour Package

This package is available for only 220,500 BDT only. You can have a 3-night stay each in Makkah, Al-Madinah, and Amman with comfortable transport and first-class accommodation!

4. First Ramadan Umrah Group Package – 2025

Looking forward to getting the first Umrah package of Ramadan 2025? You can get this opportunity at only 175,000 BDT!

5. Middle Ramadan Umrah Group Package – 2025

Get this package now for only 185,500 BDT! The Umrah covers 8 days in Makkah and 6 days in Al-Madina. ITS Holidays will take care of all the transportation, guidance, and itineraries!

6. Last Ramadan Umrah Group Package – 2025

Did you miss the first and middle packages of Umrah? No worries! Even for the last Ramadan, ITS Holidays has a package. This offer is available only at 215,500 BDT!

7. I’tikaf in Makkah

Would you like to perform I’tikaf in Mecca during your Umrah? We can also organize that for you! Our 15-day package is as low as 165,498 BDT. You can also have a free day in Madinah!

8. Eid in Madinah Umrah

Many people hope to spend the Eid in Madinah. But you can do this with an Umrah package! Our Eid in Madinah package is just 195,000 BDT. Have a free day in Makkah also!

9. Heavenly Umrah Package

Do you have a limited amount of time? You can now do a short Umrah with a 5-day package! Without the flight, this offer is offered only at 35,500 BDT.

10. Short Break Umrah Package

Lastly, a 2-day Umrah package for people with a tight schedule.  You can have this chance for Only 20,500 BDT without even a flight.

To learn more about the packages, visit our website today! Check through the choices and then select the one that is best for you.

Rewards and Spiritual Benefits of Performing Umrah

Umrah is a deeply rewarding spiritual experience with numerous benefits:

  1. Following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): While in Umrah, some key activities include Tawaf (circumambulation) and Sa’i (walking between Safa and Marwa). So, you can connect with the Prophet spiritually!

  2. Seeking forgiveness and spiritual renewal: Umrah is a way to ask for Allah’s pardon, remove the stains from one’s heart, and polish the faith.

  3. Building spiritual connections: When this is done with fellow Muslims it enhances unity and being part of a big family of the Ummah (Muslim community across the world).

  4. Inner peace and tranquility: The sacred atmosphere of Makkah and Madinah can bring deep peace and spiritual fulfillment.

Umrah Visa Requirements for Bangladeshi Citizens

Visa requirements can change. So, stay updated with the Saudi Arabian embassy in Dhaka. You can contact ITS Holidays for more information!


  • Validity: Your Bangladeshi passport must be valid for at least six months from the date you intend to return from Umrah.

  • Biometric: Ensure your passport is biometrically enabled.

  • Old Passports: If you have any old passports with previous Umrah or Hajj visas, you may need to submit them as well.

Umrah Visa Application

  • Form: Get the official Umrah visa application form. Download this from the Saudi Arabian embassy website in Dhaka or collect it from ITS Holidays!

  • Accuracy: Make sure all the information provided on the form is accurate and matches your passport details.


  • Quantity: Two recent passport-sized color photographs are required.

  • Specifications: The photos should be against a plain white background, with a clear and full-face view. Headwear is not allowed unless for religious reasons (with a certified note).

Proof of Umrah Package

  • Confirmation: A confirmed booking document from a licensed Bangladeshi travel agency authorized to arrange Umrah packages is mandatory. This document should clearly outline your itinerary, accommodation details, and flight information.


  • Yellow Fever: A valid yellow fever vaccination certificate is compulsory for Umrah pilgrims.

  • Other Vaccinations: While not mandatory, consult your doctor about recommended vaccinations like Meningococcal Meningitis and seasonal flu.

Travel Health Insurance

  • Coverage: Obtain travel health insurance with adequate medical coverage for the duration of your Umrah trip. It should cover hospitalization, emergency medical bills, and repatriation costs.

Return Flight Tickets

  • Confirmed Booking: Present a confirmed return flight ticket with your visa application. The ticket should show your entry and exit dates from Saudi Arabia.


Here we’ve answered some of the commonly asked questions about performing Umrah from Bangladesh -

Q: When should I perform Umrah?

Answer: You can perform Umrah all year minus the Hajj season. However, Ramadan and the cooler months (October to April) are popular times.

Q: What are the most basic things one should carry on Umrah?

Answer: Carry along with you Ihram for males, decent clothes for females, things related to prayer, traveling shoes, hygienic products, and any medicines that you might need.

Q: Is there a vaccination I must get before Umrah?

Answer: Yes! Get the yellow fever vaccination first.  Contact your doctor if you need anything else!


If you want a fulfilling and memorable spiritual journey, you need to select the right package. Keep your needs, budget, and desired experience in mind. Contact ITS Holidays and we’ll help you select the best Umrah package at an affordable price!