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World's Longest Sea-beach Cox's Bazar Tour 3 D / 2 N

World's Longest Sea-beach Cox's Bazar Tour

2 N Cox's Bazar

5/5 - Excellent

Explore the world's longest sea beach at Cox's Bazar.

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BDT 23,500 BDT 28,500

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Cox's Bazar Tours

Enjoy our carefully chosen trip packages and explore Cox's Bazar's captivating coastline beauty. Experience the immaculate beaches, verdant surroundings, and lively culture of Bangladesh's top beach resort with an invitation from ITS Holidays Ltd.

The Best Tour Packages for Cox's Bazar are Available from ITS Holidays Ltd.

  • luxurious lodgings on the beach.
  • Excursions with guides to the main attractions in Cox's Bazar.
  • Experiences with genuine regional cuisine.
  • Thrilling water sports.
  • Hassle-free logistics and transportation.

Top attractions in Cox's Bazar:

Tucked away on Bangladesh's southeast coast, Cox's Bazar is well-known for its breathtaking scenery and array of activities. With a length of over 120 kilometers, Cox's Bazar Beach is the world's longest uninterrupted sandy beach. It provides visitors with amazing views of the Bay of Bengal as well as chances for swimming, sunbathing, and beachfront relaxation.

Featuring its verdant woods, gushing waterfalls, and expansive overlooks over the turquoise sea, Himchari National Park is a biodiversity refuge for environment lovers. Wanderers can take leisurely walks, go birdwatching, or just relax in the peace of the outdoors.

A short distance from Cox's Bazar, Saint Martin's Island entices visitors with its immaculate beaches, azure waters, and colorful coral reefs. In this idyllic tropical setting, activities like diving, snorkeling, and touring the charming fishing towns on the island provide unique experiences.

The Burmese Temple, sometimes called Cox's Bazar Buddhist Temple, is evidence of the rich cultural legacy of the area. The temple, which is perched on a hill with a view of the ocean, offers a peaceful haven for those seeking spiritual enlightenment as well as picturesque views.

Why Should You Book Your Cox's Bazar Tours with ITS Holidays Ltd.?

Expertise: ITS Holidays Ltd guarantees smooth and unforgettable travel experiences thanks to its years of experience in the travel industry.
Tailored Itineraries: Our committed staff creates customized trip packages that are suited to the individual interests and tastes of every visitor.
Local Insights: Throughout your trip, take advantage of the experience of our professional guides, who will offer insider advice, historical context, and cultural insights.
High-quality service: We put the needs of our clients first and work hard to go above and beyond their expectations by providing outstanding support and close attention to detail.
Experience Without Hassle: Let us take care of all the planning; we'll take care of your lodging, transportation, and activities so you can unwind and make the most of your holiday.


Experience the splendor and peace of Cox's Bazar by booking one of the vacation packages offered by ITS Holidays Ltd. As you set out on incredible experiences, make priceless memories, and explore the attractions of Bangladesh's top beach resort, feel the magic of this coastal paradise.

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