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Colombia Tour Packages

ITS Holidays Ltd. is your reliable travel partner in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Let us take you to the exciting heart of South America. Come to Colombia and experience its captivating rhythms. Its varied scenery, rich culture, and friendly people will make your trip one you'll never forget. From the snow-capped Andes to the sun-kissed Caribbean coast, our carefully planned tours will give you the best chance to see this amazing country.

A Trip Through the Tapestry of Colombia:

The history of Colombia is as colourful as its carnival festivals. Enjoy this intricate tapestry that goes from pre-Columbian cultures to Spanish colonial effects to the lively present day. Visit old ruins, lively towns like Bogotá and Cartagena, and cute villages tucked away in beautiful scenery.

Showing Off the Best of Colombia: Tour Packages for 2024

Coffee Trail Delights: Walk through lush coffee farms, learn how to make coffee from beans to cups, and enjoy the smell of freshly roasted coffee.
Caribbean Coast Paradise: Unwind on beautiful beaches, discover the historical charm of Cartagena, and dive into the Rosario Islands to see amazing underwater sights.
With Andean Explorer, you can hike through beautiful mountain scenery, climb snow-covered peaks, and explore charming towns that are rich in native culture.
Amazonian Odyssey: Go on a journey on a riverboat, see a lot of different animals, and learn about the world's biggest rainforest.

Colombia's Beautiful Places to Visit:

Bogotá is known as "The Vibrant Capital." You can experience the city's lively energy, visit world-class museums, and see its modern art scene.
Colonial Enchantment in Cartagena: Take in the Caribbean charm as you walk through Cartagena's colourful streets and look at its UNESCO-listed castle.
The Coffee Region: Beautiful Scenery and Bold Flavours: Take a walk through lush coffee farms, learn how to make coffee the old-fashioned way, and enjoy the famous Colombian coffee.
Tayrona National Park Is A Secret Garden of Eden: Visit beautiful beaches, find secret waterfalls, and go on hikes through the lush rainforest that is full of animals.
Amazon Rainforest - A World of Wonders: Take a cruise on the huge Amazon River to see monkeys, caimans, and other unusual animals. This natural wonder has an amazing variety of plants and animals.

Why You Should Pick ITS Holidays Ltd.

Experts in Colombian Adventures: With years of experience, we create unique trips for everyone, from coffee lovers to nature lovers.
Customized Trip Plans: We make sure that your trip fits your needs, whether you want to hike in the Andes or look at old ruins.
Traveling without any problems: Let us take care of the details; we'll take care of your visas, flights, accommodations, and local transportation.
Tips from the Area: Our experienced guides will show you the secret gems and cultural details of Colombia that will make your trip more enjoyable.


With ITS Holidays Ltd., your trip to Colombia will change you forever. Plan your trip now, and get ready to be blown away by this country's beautiful scenery, lively culture, and friendly people.

Come with us and find out what makes Colombia so special! Visit us in Dhaka or call us right now to find out more about our Colombia tour options.