What Can and Cannot Be Kept with You While Going for Umrah from BD?

While going for Umrah from BD, there are some things that can and cannot be kept with you. As a Bengali pilgrim, you must ensure you have all the required stuff by following the rules.

Well, you can carry travel, praying, baggage, clothes, hygiene, and so on basic stuff. However, you can’t take haram (unlawful) or illegal stuff when you are going for Umrah from BD. Just try to pack lightly but smartly!

To avoid buying things in Saudi Arabia, I’ll break down all of these so you know it all in this guide. Let’s Go!

Things You Can and Cannot Be Kept with You While Going for Umrah from BD

Before you go to Mecca for Umrah from Bangladesh, making a good Umrah packing list is important. For that, you’ll need to know all the things that you can and can't bring.

This will help you do the Umrah easily without needing to buy anything from Saudi Arabia. To help you with that, let me share these while going for the minor pilgrimage from BD:

1. Things You Can Be Kept with You

There is a lot of stuff that you can carry when you are going to Umrah from Bangladesh. Taking these will help a lot to do Umrah comfortably and fully focus on worshiping Allah. Read below to find out what you can keep with you:

Travel Essentials

       Passport and PP photocopies (4x).


       Flight tickets.

       Certificates of medical vaccinations.

       Copies of hotel booking confirmation.

       Payments receipts made for Umrah.

       Marriage certificate (if going to Mecca with your spouse).

       Saudi riyals (450 to 500 riyals, which is equal to 13,156 to 14,618 TK).

       Debit and Credit cards.

       Travel itinerary (optional).

       Emergency contact numbers.

       Extra copies of the passport, visa, and other essential files.

Praying Essentials

       Mini Quran.

       A dua book that has most of the supplications from the Quran and Sunnah.

       Journal book or diary.

        Listed out all the duas and dhikr that you need to memorize.

        Make a list of dues to make for: The Prophet Muhammad (SAWS), Sahaba, predecessors, yourself, family, relatives, Muslims all around the world who are being oppressed or need help, dead ones, and so on.

       Tasbeeh or digital tally counter.

       Prayer mat that is easy to carry.

       A small compass to find Qibla (direction to the Kab’ah)

       Compass for the Qibla.

Baggage Essentials

       Hard-shell suitcase or luggage.

        Be sure it’s good in shape and quality to carry most of your stuff with a solid locking system.

        Do not use soft and vinyl suitcases that can be cut open or get damaged easily.

       Locks and keys for suitcase or luggage.

       Luggage tags

       A backpack that is small and easy to carry around.

Note: Based on Biman Bangladesh Airlines, you must take luggage that is around 10 – 30 kg (vary on Class type). And, you can only take 2 pieces.

Garment and Other Essentials

       2 pieces of white cloth for Ihram.

       Safety pins, clips, and hijab pins.

       Waist and neck pouch to carry all the valuable stuff like money, documents cards, keys, and so on.

       Some pieces of clothes that are cozy and not too tight.

        For men, Shalwar Kameez (Punjabi), Saudi Thobe, or Jubba would be perfect.

        For women, the Abaya or Jilbab would be ideal.

       Slippers or sandals.

        For men, they need to show the ankles and top part of the foot in Ihram.

        For women, they can wear shoes, slippers, or any kind of footwear.

       Additional walking shoes.

       String bag to carry the shoes and ensure not to lose them when entering the Masjid Al-Haram.

       Light sweater or jacket.


       Gloves, hijabs, and socks.


       Hat or headwear.


       Lip balm, sunscreen, lotion, oil, and so on skincare items with no fragrances.

Hygiene Essentials


       Toothbrush and toothpaste (free from fragrances).

       Shampoo and hair condition or treatments (free from fragrances).

       Liquid or dry soap or shower gel with no scent.

       Hand sanitizer..

       Comb or hair brush along with headbands.

       Nail clipper and small scissors.

       Deodorant or antiperspirant (free from fragrances).

       Sanitary pads and napkins.

Medical Essentials

       First Aid Box that is small to carry.

       Tablets for cold, flu, pain relief, travel sickness, and so on.

       Throat lozenges or cough syrups.

       Pain relief cream that has no scent or perfume.

       Vitamins and electrolytes.

Electrical Essentials

       Universal-type adapter that is small to carry.

       Mobile phone and its charger with USB wire.

       Saudi sim card (optional if you don’t make phone calls and use Wi-Fi to do that)

       iPad or Tablet PC.

       Wireless or wired headphones.

       Digital luggage scale to check the total weight of the luggage.

Other Essentials

       Pen or marker.

       Notepad or paper.

       Neck pillow.

       Earplugs (optional).

       Eye mask for sleeping.

       Reusable water bottle or flask.

       Snacks and drinks.

2. Things You Cannot Be Kept with You

When you are in Bangladesh and getting ready for the Umrah journey, there are a few things that you should avoid bringing with you. Taking these can harm your Iman (faith) or cause you to sin and some of them are not allowed to be taken in the Airplane.

Let me share some things that you can’t keep:

       Tons of dresses.

       Video camera.

       Political books or magazines.

       Toys or games.

       A lot of luggage.

       Taking too many unnecessary things like jewelry or similar accessories.

       Foods that contain onion or garlic.

       Any kind of drink or food that has alcohol.

       Perfumes or any products that contain scents.

       Toothpaste or mouthwash that has scents.

       Razor, knife, or any tool that cuts facial hair.

       Caps or hoodies and so on.

       Any harmful stuff like firearms, weapons, or flammable items.

       Taking illegal items like drugs, narcotics, or cigarettes.

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Final Words

In the end, this is all that can and cannot be kept with you while going for Umrah from BD! All you need to do is to make sure to get everything ready before departure.

To get additional support or understanding on any confusion, you can contact ITS Holidays Ltd. I hope this guide helps you to pack stuff properly without hurting the rules of Airlines.

May your Umrah be solely to please Allah. Amen!

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