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Wednesday, 2024



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Uruguay Tour Packages

Travel to Uruguay like never before with ITS Holidays Ltd., your number one travel agency in Dhaka, Bangladesh. With decades of combined experience, we provide luxurious travel packages to Uruguay that expertly combine the traditional and the modern. Set out on a trip of a lifetime and discover the charm of Uruguay's magnificent landscapes, modern marvels, and rich cultural heritage.

A Brief Overview of Uruguay's History

Stories of indigenous peoples, European colonisation, and cultural diversity are interwoven throughout Uruguay's history like a tapestry. Uruguay has a rich past that is just waiting to be discovered, ranging from influences from the native Charrúa tribes to Spanish and Portuguese history. Take in Uruguay's lively customs, colonial architecture, and breathtaking scenery as you travel across its cities, towns, and rural areas.

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Gorgeous Locations

Montevideo: Explore the busy streets of Montevideo, the capital city, where colonial architecture coexists with contemporary development. Discover Uruguay's capital city's historical sites, lively marketplaces, and cultural gems.

Punta del Este: South America's Playground Uruguay's top beach resort town, Punta del Este, offers world-class restaurants, luxurious nightlife, and immaculate beaches for relaxation.

Colonia del Sacramento - Colonial Charm: Discover a historical destination with well-preserved colonial architecture, cobblestone lanes, and a picturesque waterfront. Colonia del Sacramento is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Why Opt for Holidays with ITS Ltd.

Choose the greatest travel company in Bangladesh to have the trip of a lifetime.

Knowledge You Can Trust: With over 20 years of devoted service, ITS Holidays Ltd. is a symbol of dependability and quality in the travel sector. Our extensive knowledge guarantees that your tour of Uruguay is painstakingly organised for an unforgettable experience.

Customized Experiences: Our trip package to Uruguay departing from Bangladesh is more than a simple itineraries. Since every traveller is different, we create individualised experiences that suit your interests and make your trip genuinely remarkable.

Smooth Travel Logistics: We handle every aspect, from lodging and transportation to helping with visas. Let us take care of the details so you can enjoy a stress-free trip experience and concentrate on making memories.

Local insights: Take advantage of our connections with experienced tour guides and Uruguayan businesses to fully immerse yourself in the local way of life. Discover more about Uruguay's customs and modern way of life by seeing it through the eyes of its people.


In conclusion, your tour of Uruguay with ITS Holidays Ltd. is more than just a holiday; it's an investigation of natural wonders and a cultural voyage. Now is the perfect time to reserve your Uruguay tour package and experience the allure of this South American treasure firsthand.

Visit ITS Holidays Ltd. with us to explore Uruguay's beauties. Please visit us in Dhaka or get in touch with us right now for more details on our Uruguay travel packages!