What are the Umrah and Hajj Packages Offered by ITS Holidays Ltd?

Umrah and Hajj Packages Offered by ITS Holidays Ltd

ITS Holidays Ltd offers a diverse range of Umrah and Hajj packages designed to cater to the spiritual and logistical needs of pilgrims. Whether you're looking for a short, intense pilgrimage or a leisurely exploration of Islamic heritage combined with cultural experiences, ITS Holidays Ltd has a package to suit every preference.

International Tour Packages

ITS Holidays Ltd also offers unique combinations such as Umrah & Dubai, Umrah & Jordan, Umrah & Qatar, Umrah & Egypt, Umrah & Turkey, and Umrah & Uzbekistan. These packages integrate the spiritual journey of Umrah with cultural exploration in iconic destinations, enriching the pilgrimage experience.

Each package is meticulously crafted to ensure convenience, spiritual enrichment, and cultural immersion, making ITS Holidays Ltd a preferred choice for pilgrims seeking a seamless and meaningful Umrah or Hajj experience.

Umrah Packages:


Here are detailed descriptions of the Umrah and Hajj packages offered by ITS Holidays Ltd:

1. Promotional Umrah Group Package

Enjoy a cost-effective journey with our Promotional Umrah Group Package, designed for affordability without compromising on comfort and convenience. Ideal for groups looking to perform Umrah together, this package ensures a spiritually enriching experience with guided services.

2. Exclusive Umrah Package - 10 Days

Our Exclusive Umrah Package offers a comprehensive 10-day itinerary, tailored for those seeking a more personalized pilgrimage experience. With luxurious accommodations and expert guidance, it provides ample time for prayers and reflection.

3. Experience Regular Umrah Package

Experience the essence of Umrah with our Regular Umrah Package, crafted for pilgrims looking for a balanced journey combining spiritual devotion and comfort. Includes essential services and accommodations.

4. Dubai & Umrah Tour Package

Combine the spiritual journey of Umrah with the vibrant city of Dubai with our Dubai & Umrah Tour Package. Experience both cultural enrichment in Makkah and modern extravagance in Dubai in one seamless itinerary.

5. Umrah & Jordan Tour Package

Embark on a journey of historical and spiritual significance with our Umrah & Jordan Tour Package. Visit key sites in Jordan alongside performing Umrah, offering a unique blend of pilgrimage and exploration.

6. Umrah & Qatar Tour Package

Discover the charm of Qatar while performing Umrah with our Umrah & Qatar Tour Package. Experience Qatari hospitality and explore cultural landmarks before or after your spiritual journey.

7. Egypt & Umrah Tour Package

Combine the wonders of ancient Egypt with the spiritual journey of Umrah through our Egypt & Umrah Tour Package. Explore historic sites and monuments in Egypt alongside performing Umrah in Makkah.

8. Umrah & Turkey Tour Package

Experience the cultural richness of Turkey alongside your Umrah journey with our Umrah & Turkey Tour Package. Explore Istanbul and other Turkish delights before or after fulfilling your spiritual obligations.

9. Umrah & Uzbekistan Tour Package

Immerse yourself in the Silk Road heritage of Uzbekistan combined with the spiritual serenity of Umrah through our Umrah & Uzbekistan Tour Package. Discover ancient cities and Islamic architecture.

10. First Ramadan Umrah Group Package - 2025

Celebrate the blessings of Ramadan with our First Ramadan Umrah Group Package, designed to enhance your spiritual experience during the holy month. Join fellow pilgrims in Makkah for a deeply meaningful journey.

11. Middle Ramadan Umrah Group Package - 2025

Opt for our Middle Ramadan Umrah Group Package to perform Umrah during the pivotal days of Ramadan. Experience the spiritual atmosphere of Makkah with guided services and comfortable accommodations.

12. Last Ramadan Umrah Group Package - 2025

Conclude Ramadan with our Last Ramadan Umrah Group Package, offering a profound pilgrimage experience as you perform Umrah in the final days of Ramadan. Ideal for those seeking spiritual fulfillment.

13. Taste of Ramadan Umrah Package

Experience the special ambiance of Ramadan with our Taste of Ramadan Umrah Package, providing a balanced blend of spiritual activities and cultural exploration in Makkah.

14. I'tikaf in Makkah

Immerse yourself in devotion with our I'tikaf in Makkah package, offering a serene retreat during the last ten days of Ramadan. Experience solitude and spiritual reflection in the Holy City.

15. I'tikaf in Madinah

Choose our I'tikaf in Madinah package for a tranquil retreat during Ramadan's last ten days. Experience the peaceful ambiance of Madinah while engaging in dedicated prayers and reflection.

16. Eid in Madinah Umrah

Celebrate Eid in the blessed city of Madinah with our Eid in Madinah Umrah package. Experience the joyous festivities while completing your Umrah pilgrimage in the spiritual heart of Islam.

17. Eid in Makkah Umrah

Mark Eid in Makkah with our Eid in Makkah Umrah package, combining the spiritual fulfillment of Umrah with the festive atmosphere of Eid celebrations in the Holy City.

18. Short Break Umrah Package - 3 Days

Ideal for those with limited time, our Short Break Umrah Package offers a compact 3-day itinerary focusing on essential Umrah rituals. Perfect for a quick spiritual getaway.

19. Heavenly Umrah Package - 5 Days

Experience spiritual rejuvenation with our Heavenly Umrah Package, offering a serene 5-day journey in Makkah with guided services and comfortable accommodations.

20. Harmony Umrah Packages - 7 Days

Achieve spiritual harmony with our Harmony Umrah Package, providing a week-long journey in Makkah enriched with prayers, guidance, and cultural insights.

21. Pilgrim Umrah Package - 9 Days

Our Pilgrim Umrah Package offers a comprehensive 9-day itinerary for a deeply immersive pilgrimage experience. Includes spiritual guidance and deluxe accommodations.

22. Blessings Umrah Package - 12 Days

Embark on a profound journey with our Blessings Umrah Package, spanning 12 days of spiritual enrichment and exploration in Makkah and beyond.


Hajj Packages:


Here are the descriptions of the Hajj packages offered by ITS Holidays Ltd:

1. Hajj Pre-registration from Bangladesh

Secure your place for Hajj with our Hajj Pre-registration package from Bangladesh. This initial step ensures early booking and preparation for the pilgrimage, allowing you to plan ahead with peace of mind.

2. Economy Hajj Package - 40 Days

Our Economy Hajj Package spans 40 days, offering an affordable yet comprehensive journey for pilgrims. Experience the rituals of Hajj with essential accommodations and logistical support throughout your spiritual journey.

3. Standard Hajj Package - 40 Days

The Standard Hajj Package provides a balanced 40-day itinerary, combining spiritual rituals with comfortable accommodations and guided services. Ideal for pilgrims seeking a traditional Hajj experience with added convenience.

4. Superior Hajj Package - 35 Days

Upgrade to our Superior Hajj Package for a 35-day journey that enhances your pilgrimage with upgraded accommodations and additional amenities. Experience Hajj with heightened comfort and ease.

5. Premium Hajj Package - 35 Days

Enjoy luxury and convenience with our Premium Hajj Package, featuring deluxe accommodations and personalized services throughout the 35-day pilgrimage. Perfect for discerning pilgrims seeking a superior Hajj experience.

6. Premium Short Hajj Package - 15 Days

For those with limited time, our Premium Short Hajj Package offers a compact 15-day itinerary focusing on essential Hajj rituals without compromising on comfort and quality of services.

7. Economy Short Hajj Package - 15 Days

Experience the essence of Hajj with our Economy Short Hajj Package, designed for pilgrims looking for a shorter, focused pilgrimage experience spanning 15 days.

8. Luxury Hajj Package - 20 Days

Indulge in luxury and serenity with our Luxury Hajj Package, a 20-day journey offering premium accommodations and tailored services for a deeply enriching Hajj pilgrimage.

Each Hajj package from ITS Holidays Ltd is meticulously crafted to ensure a memorable and spiritually fulfilling journey, catering to various preferences and durations.

Booking with ITS Holidays Ltd offers numerous advantages that make it a preferred choice for Umrah and Hajj pilgrimages:

  • Expertise in Umrah and Hajj Services: ITS Holidays Ltd specializes in organizing Umrah and Hajj journeys, ensuring a seamless experience with expert guidance and support throughout.

  • Tailored Packages: They offer a variety of tailored packages catering to different preferences and budgets, from group tours to exclusive individual experiences, ensuring there's something for everyone.

  • Competitive Pricing: ITS Holidays Ltd provides competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of service or accommodations, making it accessible for a wide range of pilgrims.

  • Quality Accommodations: They partner with top hotels in Makkah and Madinah, ensuring comfortable stays close to the Haramain Sharifain, enhancing the spiritual experience.

  • Comprehensive Services: From visa processing to transportation arrangements, ITS Holidays Ltd handles all logistical aspects, allowing pilgrims to focus solely on their spiritual journey.

  • Customer Support: Their dedicated customer support team is available round-the-clock to assist with queries, ensuring peace of mind before, during, and after the pilgrimage.

  • Cultural Enrichment: Besides Umrah and Hajj, ITS Holidays Ltd offers packages that include visits to cultural and historical sites in conjunction with the pilgrimage, enriching the overall experience.

Booking with ITS Holidays Ltd guarantees a memorable and spiritually fulfilling journey, backed by their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction in every aspect of the pilgrimage experience.

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