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Turkmenistan Tour Packages

Start an amazing trip to Turkmenistan with ITS Holidays Ltd., the travel company you can trust in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The beautiful nature and historical wonders of Turkmenistan make it a great place to learn about its history and culture. Our Turkmenistan tour package offers an interesting look at this Central Asian hidden gem.

A Look at the Past of Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan's past is like a tapestry, with threads from different cultures and nomadic ways of life. Numerous factors, including the famed Silk Road and the splendor of the Parthian Empire, have altered the landscape. Turkmenistan is a living reminder of its rich history. It is full of amazing buildings and historical treasures just waiting to be found.

Beautiful Places to Visit

Merv - Echoes of History: Visit the old city of Merv, which was a busy hub for trade and culture along the Silk Road. Be amazed by the well-preserved ruins of old mosques, fortresses, and mausoleums that tell a quiet story of hundreds of years of history.
Darvaza Gas Crater - Doorway to Hell: If you want to see something out of this world, check out the Darvaza Gas Crater, which is also known as the "Doorway to Hell." This fiery crater has been on fire since the 1970s. It gives the desert a creepy glow and a stunning view into the fiery depths of the earth.
Ashgabat - City of White Marble: Ashgabat, known as the "City of White Marble," is Turkmenistan's capital city. Its buildings are made of shiny white marble and have golden towers on top of them. Take a walk through the beautifully landscaped parks and streets, and look at the beautiful buildings that make up the cityscape.
Karakum Desert and Untamed Wilderness: See the natural beauty of the Karakum Desert, where big sand dunes go on forever and nomad people still live in the vast area. Explore the desert on a camel, set up camp under the stars, and experience the timeless appeal of living as a nomad.

Why Should You Pick ITS Holidays Ltd.

With ITS Holidays Ltd., you can discover the magic of Turkmenistan and its ancient mysteries.

  • Expertise and Excellence: ITS Holidays Ltd. has years of experience in the travel business and can make sure that your trip through Turkmenistan goes smoothly and is memorable. From the time you book your tour, our team of experts is committed to giving you the best service and help possible.
  • Make Your Own Itineraries: Our Turkmenistan tour package from Bangladesh is made to fit your specific hobbies and preferences. We can customise your itinerary to make a truly unique trip, whether you're interested in historical places, natural wonders, or cultural experiences.
  • Local Knowledge: Learn about Turkmenistan's history, culture, and customs from people who live there and can show you its hidden gems.Because we have connections in the area, you can be sure that your trip will be real and engaging.
  • Customer satisfaction: At ITS Holidays Ltd., we put your happiness first. We go out of our way to make sure that your trip goes above and beyond your hopes by helping and supporting you around the clock while you're in Turkmenistan.


ITS Holidays Ltd. guarantees that your Turkmenistan tour will be more than just a holiday; it will be an adventure into the heart of a country that is full of history and mystery. Book your Turkmenistan tour plan right now to find out more about this fascinating place.

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