Train Ticket Booking Online in Bangladesh


ITS Holidays Ltd. is the number one traveling agency that assists you in all the steps of traveling starting from helping process all your necessary documentation to managing your tickets. One of our many services includes our train ticket service for both international customers as well as domestic customers.

As a traveling agency, ITS Holidays offers you exceptional train ticket services that help you get your hands-on train tickets as fast as possible, at the most convenient prices, and with premium quality seats according to your choices.

ITS Holiday’s Exceptional Train Ticket Services

ITS Holidays Ltd. has one of the best train ticket services. We allow you to select your required date, time, and day after looking at our provided schedule. After you mention your desired timings and date, allow us to take care of the rest.

ITS Holidays organizes international and intercity train tickets for you. You can avail of our services in Japan, and China, or travel across Europe, Saudi, Nepal, and beyond.

Purchasing train tickets in Europe is a pretty simple process that gives passengers several ways to guarantee their seats. The main ways are to buy tickets at train stations directly, via third-party platforms, or online through official railway websites.

Ticket validation is required before passengers board the train. This procedure guarantees whether the ticket is authentic and has been properly acquired. There are several ways to validate your ticket, such as printing it online, via a mobile app, or picking it up in person at a station counter or kiosk.

We take care of this perfectly for our luxury customers.

In Japan, you can buy their Shinkansen bullet train e-tickets electronically via the official website and travel companies, at ticket machines, or station counters. Reservations are typical, particularly on well-traveled routes.

Tickets for regular and Green Car (first class) are available in Japan. Tourists can travel on JR trains without restriction for a predetermined amount of time with the Japan Rail Pass.

In China, one can purchase high-speed train tickets from accredited ticket agents, at railway stations, or online via official websites. Hard sleepers, soft sleepers, hard seats, and soft seats are among the classifications available in China. There are first-class and second-class options on high-speed trains.

In our train ticket service, we ensure you have access to high-quality premium seats available in business class for premium and elite customers worldwide. You can easily work on your laptop and conduct important online meetings with your clients at ease. 

Why Choose Us

ITS Holidays Ltd. is the best train ticket service for plenty of reasons. ITS Holidays has been a traveling agency since 2010 providing all kinds of services like train ticket services to help enhance the traveling experience.

ITS Holidays provides unparalleled customer service 24/7 to our clients. In case of any emergencies during train rides, or in case of any event you want to reschedule a trip, we are here to manage situations for you.

We constantly like to keep you in the loop, and updated. Starting from train departure schedules to compartment availability, we make sure you are being kept updated about everything.

ITS Holiday's quick and exceptional services save you from hours being wasted browsing train departure times and seating mechanics. By leaving things to us, you can easily focus on making plans for your business trip.