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Thailand Tour Packages From Bangladesh

Get on an enchanting journey to the Land of Smiles with ITS Holidays Ltd's Thailand tour package. As a renowned travel agency based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with a legacy spanning decades, we invite you to explore the diverse tapestry of Thailand's culture, landscapes, and hospitality. Our meticulously crafted tour packages promise an immersive experience in this Southeast Asian gem.

Short History of Thailand

Thailand, formerly known as Siam, boasts a rich history influenced by ancient civilizations, the Khmer and Ayutthaya empires, and a unique cultural blend. The country's resilience is reflected in its ability to preserve its cultural heritage while embracing modernity. From ancient temples to bustling markets, Thailand narrates a tale of tradition and progress.

The Best Cities in Thailand for Tourism Are

Bangkok City

The energetic metropolis and capital of Thailand is renowned for its lively nightlife, elaborate temples, and street life. See Wat Pho, which is renowned for its enormous reclining Buddha, and the Grand Palace, which is home to the venerated Emerald Buddha. Take advantage of the vibrant marketplaces, like Chatuchak Weekend Market, for adventures in street cuisine and shopping. Discover the contemporary side of the city with its upscale retail centers, rooftop bars, and fine dining establishments. To see the city from a different angle, take a boat ride along the Chao Phraya River.

Pattaya City

Known for its beaches, nightlife, and water sports, Pattaya is situated on Thailand's eastern Gulf coast. Unwind on Pattaya Beach or partake in water sports like snorkeling, jet skiing, and parasailing. Discover Walking Street's thriving nightlife, which includes pubs, clubs, and entertainment venues. See the gorgeous wooden Sanctuary of Truth, which displays exquisite traditional Thai craftsmanship. Visit the Pattaya Floating Market or the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden to discover the cultural side of the island.

Hua Hin City

This seaside city is well-known for its lovely beaches, laid-back vibe, and royal mansions. At Hua Hin Beach, take part in water sports like sailing, windsurfing, and kiteboarding. One of the oldest train stations in Thailand is the historic Hua Hin Railway Station. Discover the imposing Phraya Nakhon Cave and its well-known pavilion, which benefits from natural lighting. Play golf on top-notch courses or treat yourself to spa services at opulent resorts.

Phuket City

The largest island in Thailand is a popular travel destination due to its breathtaking beaches, exciting nightlife, and cultural attractions. Unwind on well-known beaches like Kata, Karon, and Patong, or discover undiscovered treasures like Freedom Beach and Paradise Beach. Visit James Bond Island or the Phi Phi Islands for a day of island hopping, diving, and snorkeling. Discover Old Phuket Town's vibrant streets, lively marketplaces, and Sino-Portuguese architecture. Visit Bangla Road in Patong, which is well-known for its pubs, clubs, and live music, to experience Phuket's nightlife.

Phi Phi Island:

The Phi Phi Islands are famous for their breathtaking natural beauty and crystal-clear waters. They are situated between Phuket and the mainland. Take pleasure in diving or snorkeling to discover colorful coral reefs and aquatic life. See Maya Bay, which gained fame from the film "The Beach," which features immaculate white sand and blue waters. Trek to the vantage point for expansive views of the surrounding waters and the islands. Enjoy the relaxed island vibe at eateries, bars, and sunset celebrations by the beach.

Krabi City

The province of Krabi is renowned for its breathtaking limestone cliffs, immaculate beaches, and verdant jungles. Discover well-known sites like Railay Beach, which is well-known for its breathtaking sunsets and rock climbing. For swimming, snorkeling, and beach hopping, take a boat cruise to the Four Islands, Hong Islands, or Phi Phi Islands. Explore the azure and green pools of Thung Teao Forest Natural Park, which are tucked away in the jungle. Savor hiking to Tiger Cave Temple for sweeping vistas or paddling among mangrove woodlands.

Ko Samui City

Ko Samui is a well-known island in the Gulf of Thailand with palm trees along the beaches, opulent resorts, and bustling nightlife. Unwind on well-known beaches like Lamai, Bophut, and Chaweng, or visit more sedate ones like Maenam and Choeng Mon. See the 12-meter-tall golden Buddha statue in the well-known Big Buddha Temple. Discover the bustling Bophut Fisherman's Village for dining, shopping, and entertainment. Visit the Secret Buddha Garden, or Wat Plai Laem, to get a taste of traditional Thai culture.

Chiang Mai City

Northern Thailand's cultural center, Chiang Mai, is well-known for its historic temples, conventional marketplaces, and verdant surroundings. Explore ancient temples such as Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Phra Singh, and Wat Phra That Doi Suthep. Get handicrafts, street food, and cultural performances at the Old City's Sunday Walking Street Market. Visit the hill tribal settlements or the elephant sanctuaries tucked away in the nearby highlands to get a taste of the native way of life. In the neighboring national parks, take part in outdoor activities including trekking, zip-lining, and bamboo rafting.

Few Beautiful Places

  • Bangkok- The Capital City Discover the vibrant metropolis of Bangkok, where ancient temples coexist with modern skyscrapers. Explore the Grand Palace, home to the sacred Emerald Buddha, and navigate the bustling markets, such as Chatuchak, to taste Thai urban life.
  • Chiang Mai- Northern Charm Experience the tranquility of Chiang Mai, surrounded by mist-covered mountains. Visit ancient temples like Wat Phra Singh, explore the bustling night bazaars, and immerse yourself in the unique Lanna culture.
  • Phuket- Island Paradise Escape to the tropical paradise of Phuket, renowned for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife. Relax on Patong Beach, explore the vibrant streets of Old Phuket Town, and take a boat trip to the nearby Phi Phi Islands for a surreal island-hopping experience.
  • Ayutthaya - Historical Ruins Step back in time at Ayutthaya¬†a UNESCO World Heritage Site adorned with ancient temples and ruins. The Ayutthaya Historical Park is a testament to the kingdom's former glory, with iconic structures like Wat Mahathat and Wat Phra Si Sanphet.

Why Choose ITS Holidays Ltd.

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Embark on a journey of discovery with ITS Holidays Ltd's Thailand tour package from Bangladesh. Immerse yourself in the beauty, culture, and warmth of Thailand, and let us be your trusted partner in creating lifelong memories. Book your Thailand holiday package with us and unlock the treasures of this captivating destination.

Join us at ITS Holidays Ltd. and discover the wonders of Thailand. For more information on our Thailand tour packages, visit us in Dhaka or contact us today!