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Taiwan Tour Packages

Start an amazing trip to the beautiful island of Taiwan with ITS Holidays Ltd., your reliable travel partner in Dhaka, Bangladesh. With a history of excellence in the travel business, we offer a beautiful Taiwan tour package that blends old and new in a way that doesn't feel forced. On your trip of a lifetime, you can enjoy Taiwan's beautiful scenery, rich culture, and delicious food.

A Brief Look at Taiwan

Taiwan has a history that is a mix of old customs, a lively society, and new technologies. Taiwan is an interesting place to visit because of its rich history and current status as a center for innovation. Enjoy Taiwan's delicious street food, take part in its traditional events, and be amazed by its beautiful scenery.

Beautiful Places to Visit

Taipei - The Cosmopolitan Capital: The Cosmopolitan Capital: See how the city of Taipei has changed over time, with modern skyscrapers standing next to traditional sites. Check out the busy night markets, see famous landmarks like Taipei 101, and enjoy the lively street food scene.
Taroko Gorge - Nature's Masterpiece: Taroko Gorge is a natural masterpiece. Taroko Gorge is a beautiful natural area known for its marble cliffs, dense woods, and winding trails. Enjoy the peace of this natural gem as you hike through stunning scenery and awe at the power of the waterfalls.
Sun Moon Lake: Peace in Nature: Enjoy the peaceful beauty of Taiwan's biggest body of water, Sun Moon Lake. You can take a cruise on its calm waters, ride your bike around the beautiful shores, and visit churches tucked away in the trees.
Kaohsiung - Culture and Food: Kaohsiung is a lively city in the southern part of Taiwan that will please your senses. Visit famous culture sites like the Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum, eat fresh seafood at the famous Liuhe Night Market, and take a walk along the Love River.

Why Should You Pick ITS Holidays Ltd.

The best travel service in Bangladesh can help you plan the perfect trip to Taiwan.

  • Trusted Expertise: ITS Holidays Ltd. has been in the travel business for decades and is known for being reliable and providing excellent service. Our team of experts makes sure that every detail of your Taiwan tour is carefully thought out so that you have an amazing time.
  • Personalised Experiences: Our tour packages to Taiwan from Bangladesh are made to fit your needs, so you'll have a unique trip that goes above and beyond what you expect.
  • Easy Travel Plans: We take care of everything, from helping you get a visa to finding you a place to stay and getting you around. This way you can enjoy your trip without any problems.
  • Local Insights: You can fully experience Taiwanese society with the help of our network of experienced guides and local partners. Real events are the best way to learn more about Taiwan's traditions and modern life.


In the end, ITS Holidays Ltd.'s Taiwan tours are more than just vacations; they're ways to experience other cultures and see all of Taiwan's amazing sights. Now is the time to book your Taiwan tour plan and enjoy the beauty of this island paradise.

Come with us, ITS Holidays Ltd., on a trip to see how beautiful Taiwan is. Visit us in Dhaka or call us right now to find out more about our Taiwan tour options.