Overseas Training & Trip from Bangladesh

Overseas Traning & Trip

In 2024, the global market is as interconnected as ever. Thousands of people are traveling abroad to attend and conduct corporate programs, attend important international meetings, etc. Overseas training is an activity that has grown high in demand through the years. ITS Holidays is the perfect overseas training and trip provider for premium customers.

ITS Holidays The Leading Brand For Overseas Training & Trip

ITS Holidays is a travel agency excelling in all services alongside providing overseas training. Our main goal is to organize any form of visits, training events, corporate programs, educational training, foreign tours, and many more.

With the growing years, there has been a rise in hosting overseas events. From our country, a pool of government organizations and officials, Non-profit organizations (NGO), and corporate magnates are increasingly attending overseas training and trips every year.

These reputed bodies often travel abroad to visit and conduct technological training, foreign projects, tours, and even attend educational meetings with Universities and whatnot.

ITS Holidays organizes these prestigious events from scratch. ITS Holidays takes the active responsibility to ensure venue booking and sound promotion of the event. After securing a location, we begin meticulous logistics preparation.

This includes arranging transportation for participants, and making sure the location can handle any unique technological needs, including audiovisual sets or translation services. We organize these programs depending on the event itself.

For instance, for international corporate meetings, we maintain a theme and certain décor and dress code. On the other hand, for educational purposes like briefing over a new course, we make sure to conduct the event in place of prestigious lecturers and academic scholars to enlighten the event.

We make sure all applicable municipal laws and ordinances are followed where the event is being organized. This could entail getting the required licenses or permissions, following safety guidelines, and fulfilling any other legal obligations set down by the host nation. These safety guidelines are especially followed during factory visits and sensitive foreign projects.

Our services extend to providing premium quality accommodation to our elite customers. Contractual conditions, group discounts, hotel prices, and any other services needed like meeting spaces or unique arrangements for attendees of the event are usually negotiated. Once an agreement is reached, we make reservations for our international customers as well as domestic customers.

Why Choose ITS Holidays

Our exclusive high-level overseas training and tip service is unlike any other travel agency.

We are highly experienced in this field. Our services go beyond business purposes. Our service provides a unique and tailored experience, going above and beyond simple accommodation arrangements, in recognition of the varied interests and demands of event participants.

This entails recognizing each participant's unique needs and satisfying their preferences. For example, ITS holidays can arrange for upgraded rooms for VIP attendees, fulfill unique demands like dietary requirements or specific room arrangements, and make sure the lodgings selected complement the guests' preferred overall mood.

The objective is to provide a customized experience that surpasses expectations by incorporating unique features, while also fulfilling the fundamental needs of accommodation.

We are here 24/7 to answer any of your queries. Service and support are never-ending from our side, even when you are fully done with the training. ITS Holidays is there for you all day, every day.