How Much Does a Whole Maldives Trip Cost in 2024

How Much Does a Whole Maldives Trip Cost in 2024

Dreaming of a Maldives getaway? Wondering about the Maldives trip cost in 2024? Get ready for a joyful dive into paradise!

Explore the magic of this tropical haven without stressing about expenses. We've got the scoop on budget-friendly tips and luxurious indulgences. From accommodation hacks to savvy travel strategies, embark on a journey where the beauty of the Maldives meets your budget.

Let's unlock the secrets to make your dream trip a reality without breaking the bank. Discover how to make the most of every moment in the Maldives.

Say goodbye to worries and hello to a Maldives trip filled with joy, sun and unforgettable memories!

Maldives Trip Cost Breakdown


Are you planning a trip to the Maldives? Well, let's talk about the first hurdle: plane tickets. Yep, they are pricey. But don't worry; we've got the scoop on the costs and some tips to make it all more budget-friendly.

So, how much does it cost to fly to the Maldives? Well, it depends. Your location, when you're flying, and any airline perks can shake things up. On average, though, here's the deal:

  • Roundtrip economy tickets are around $1,000 from the US
  • Folks from the UK and Australia can snag them for about $800
  • If you're in Dubai, you might find a deal at $500

Keep in mind that these are ballpark figures. Prices can swing, but this gives you an idea. Oh, and consider cashing in those frequent flier miles for a sweet discount.

But wait, there's more to the Maldives than one flight. You might need local flights or transfers. The Maldives has a bunch of airports, and if you're going fancy with a resort, hello, seaplanes! Tack on about $300 for domestic flights; you're good to go.

Pro tip: If you're already on a vacation nearby, visit the Maldives. Cheaper flights might be on the menu.

Oh, and one last thing - check your resort's transfer policies. You wouldn't want surprises. With these tips, your Maldives trip got friendlier on the wallet. 


The Maldives is well-known for its many luxurious resorts, especially for those seeking all-inclusive packages. If you dream of the best romantic getaway in an overwater bungalow with private plunge pools, this is the place to be. 

Resorts like Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort and The Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru offer such dreamy experiences. But don't fret if you're on a budget – there are still affordable options.

Accommodation costs in the Maldives vary based on your travel style and the time of your visit. You can snag the best deals if you're flexible with your dates, especially during low-season periods. Here's a breakdown of the average rates per night for different accommodation types:

  • Guesthouse: $80 or more
  • Double Room: $120 or more
  • Luxury Double Room: Around $200
  • Luxury Beach Villa: $1,000 or more
  • Overwater Bungalow: $2,000 or more

Choosing the right accommodation greatly affects your overall Maldives trip cost. If you're aiming for a budget-friendly option, consider a guesthouse or a double room in a low-key hotel. 

These often come with affordable travel packages, half-board meal plans, and a private pool. Exploring lesser-known resorts could be the key for those dreaming of a luxury beach villa or overwater bungalow. 

While the most popular ones may charge up to $2,000 a night, you can find hidden gems that offer a similar lavish experience without breaking the bank.


When planning your Maldives trip, consider transportation costs crucial for exploring over 1,200 islands. 

Excluding roundtrip airfare, earmark $100 for transport, with many day tours and resorts offering complimentary shuttles. Going for guided excursions can minimize local transportation costs, especially if you're not island-hopping independently.

In such cases, public ferries offer budget-friendly options, or you can opt for efficient short boat rides, with local ferries at $5 and speed boats at $35 or more. 

The beauty is that public transportation on individual islands is often free or at a minimal cost, allowing you to focus on the Maldives' breathtaking experiences without breaking the bank. Whether cruising on a speed boat or enjoying a local ferry, your transportation costs won't hinder your island adventures.


Nothing says 'relaxing vacation' like an all-inclusive food and drink plan, often included in luxury resorts. Opting for full board means you won't spend a dime on meals or drinks once you land. This is a fantastic way to cut travel costs, especially if you're planning short day trips.

But for those without a meal plan, how much does eating and drinking in the Maldives cost? For families, the bills can quickly stack up.

Let's break it down by travel style. Budget travelers can stick to groceries, street food, and local cafes, budgeting around $25 daily. Mid-range travelers, adding a few fancy meals, might aim for $50. Luxury travelers enjoying predominantly upscale dining might set aside $100 daily.

As a rule of thumb, local restaurant meals average around $10, luxury dining ranges from $20 to $100, and street food comes in at about $5 per meal. 


When in the Maldives, missing out on its incredible activities is a no-go. Allocate at least $500 for tours and experiences essential for truly embracing this tropical haven. Snorkeling excursions average $40, while island hopping and sunset cruises may exceed $100. 

Scuba diving and immersing in local culture add a unique layer to your vacation.

To save, bring your snorkeling gear. Keep in mind activities like sunset fishing may seem pricier individually but become cost-effective in groups. 

Tours often operate based on availability and group size, making it less budget-friendly for solo travelers, who might face additional single supplement rates. 

A Whole Maldives Trip Cost

A Whole Maldives Trip Cost

When planning your Maldives trip, creating a budget that covers all aspects of your stay is essential. Let's break it down:

  • Airfare: Your roundtrip economy flight from the US will cost around $1,300, including domestic flight transfers. This is a significant expense, so plan accordingly.
  • Accommodation: Depending on your preference, budget around $80 per night for a guesthouse, $200 for a mid-range double room, or over $1,500 for a luxurious ocean villa or overwater bungalow. Luxury resorts can go well beyond $20,000 per night.
  • Transport: Allocate $100 for local transportation, excluding airport transfers and any necessary domestic flights. This should cover roundtrip speed boat transfers and public ferry services.
  • Food: For budget travelers, $25 per day is sufficient, covering self-catering or street food options. On half-board, budget $25 for lunch; eating out will be optional if you're on full board.
  • Tours and Activities: Set aside a minimum of $500 for activities, allowing for 3-4 days of exploration. Consider an additional budget for more luxurious experiences like helicopter rides or fishing excursions.

Plan your Maldives tour with the best travel and tour agency to save money and hassle. This paradise is worth every penny!

How To Reduce Maldives Trip Cost?

Reducing your Maldives trip cost is possible with some savvy planning. Here are five tips to make your dream vacation more budget-friendly:

  • Off-Peak Travel: Think about visiting during the off-peak season. This can save you money on accommodation, activities, and even flights. Check for shoulder seasons with favorable weather but fewer tourists.
  • Budget-Friendly Accommodation: Opt for guesthouses or budget hotels instead of high-end resorts. Many offer a charming local experience without breaking the bank.
  • Self-Catering and Meal Plans: Save food expenses by choosing accommodations with kitchen facilities. Alternatively, go for half-board or full-board options to prepay for meals, avoiding unexpected restaurant bills.
  • Local Transportation: Utilize public ferries and local transport instead of private transfers. This can significantly reduce your transportation costs while allowing you to experience authentic Maldivian travel.
  • Book Tours Wisely: Plan and book tours and activities to secure better deals. Look for package discounts and consider group rates to make the most of your budget while enjoying the beauty of the Maldives.


We've figured out the total cost for a Maldives tour package, sharing tips for a great trip!

Our guide covers flights, where you'll stay, getting around, food, and fun things to do. It helps you plan a dream Maldives tour package without spending too much.

Use our tips to save money and spend it on making special memories.

Remember, the cost of your Maldives tour package is more than just money. It's about making unforgettable moments. Enjoy the blue waters and have a happy adventure.

Have a fantastic time creating your own Maldives masterpiece!


Q. Do I need to book an overwater villa for the full Maldives experience?

While overwater villas offer a luxurious experience, budget-friendly guesthouses, and beachfront options can also provide a memorable stay.

Q. What are some budget-friendly dining options in the Maldives?

Explore local eateries on inhabited islands for authentic Maldivian cuisine at reasonable prices.

Q. Are there affordable transportation options within the Maldives?

Yes, local ferries and speedboats offer cost-effective ways to hop between islands.

Q. What's the best time to visit the Maldives on a budget?

Plan to visit during the shoulder seasons for lower accommodation and activity costs.

Q. Are there any cultural experiences to explore beyond the resorts?

Absolutely! Engage with local communities, attend cultural events, and experience the Maldives beyond its tourist facade.



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