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Want to book a hotel in Bangladesh? Need help booking a hotel in Bangladesh? Are you seeking economic holidays or luxury hotels in Bangladesh? Are you searching for the most satisfactory Bangladesh hotel booking service? Then you are in the right place. Let me introduce you to Bangladesh's top hotel booking firm, ITS Holidays Ltd.

Why Chose Its Holiday LTD

ITS Holidays Ltd. We are the top travel agent & Best hotel booking company in Bangladesh. ITS Holidays Ltd is a significant and known organization in BangladeshBangladesh's Air Travel & Tourism Industry. Also, It's well renowned as the premier hotel booking firm in Bangladesh. We have developed a worldwide housing system as a competent hotel booking firm. As a consequence, We have over 200,000 hotel apartments internationally. We are committed to the most satisfactory hotel booking service in Bangladesh. We offer our loyal consumers a variety of accommodation facilities. Our packages are constantly customized to our client's needs and budgets. Our hotel options vary from budget to luxury, with business class hotels providing exceptional value. Also, we ensure flexible terms & conditions. Our main goal is to give you the best possible service.

Bangladesh is a stunning beauty haven with unmatched natural beauty. Mangrove forest Sundarbans, longest beach Cox's Bazar.  So it has tremendous potential to attract visitors from across the world.

In 2018, tourism contributed 750.6 billion Tk to Bangladesh's GDP. This sector has produced 24.2 lakh employment. In the same year, tourism received 43 billion Tk investment. Moreover, although no accurate data is available, it is estimated that about 5 lakh foreign tourists visited Bangladesh last year. In the same year, about 40 million domestic tourists traveled all over Bangladesh. However, the number has reduced considerably due to the covid-19 pandemic for the previous two years. It has started growing in the last few months.

The city has several small and large hotel booking companies to fulfill the demand. But not all services are satisfactory.

Let's not get into too much detail about our service when we're the best in the region at offering exceptional service and client satisfaction. Listed below are the highlights of our hotel features. So you can understand why we are the top hotel booking agency in that region.

Delightful Architecture & Unique Interior Design

Each of our hotels has an aesthetically pleasing architectural design that can attract the attention of our elite guests. Each hotel has an architectural plan that meets or exceeds international standards. It is believed that the preponderance of green in hotel lobby areas animates and enlivens the surroundings, usually in a congested and narrow city like Dhaka, which is quite rare.

Also, our hotel rooms are pretty adequately designed, which can catch guests' attention. The hotel rooms feature ample space for hotel visitors so that the honored clients feel comfortable. There is also a large common area inside the hotel and sufficient room for ventilation.

Large Hotel Lobby And Parking

Each hotel also has a mandatory spacious hotel lobby and parking arrangements that make our hotels international standard.  And as mentioned earlier, hotel lobbies usually have greenery that improves the mental health of our valued customers. Beautiful flowering plants are planted there to make the hotel lobbies more attractive.  There is also adequate staff to keep the hotel lobbies clean and standard for 24-hour surveillance.

Skilled Staff

When it comes to hiring employees, we put a high priority on highly qualified and honest individuals. We are committed to providing the most significant level of customer service. They are completely and utterly professional. It is clear that they have a great deal of experience in their field and understand how to serve our loyal consumers. They will be available to assist you in solving any problem 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Staff members fluent in numerous languages are also employed for international consumers to ensure that they do not encounter any language-related difficulties.

Choice Of Selection

We have over 200 hotels in Dhaka. We offer our loyal customers a range of housing options. Our programs are constantly customized to our client's needs and budgets. Our hotel options vary from budget to luxury, with business class hotels providing exceptional value.

We do this by analyzing our clients' assets. Each package includes a stay at a prestigious hotel in Dhaka. Each hotel has its cuisine and unique menu. Though the hotel rental does not include meals; however, we make sure our guests enjoy the hotels' world-class food sitting in the hotel room.

  • Attractive discounts

On each hotel booking, we provide our beloved customers equally attractive discounts. Although our packages are designed to be much less than the price set by any other company in Bangladesh, we still offer customers an attractive discount on every hotel booking. Sometimes it’s up to 50-60%!!!. We do this to protect the best interests of our customers.

Hassle-Free Service

We strive to provide the best service possible. We always act professionally and look out for the client's best interests. Your complete satisfaction is our most outstanding achievement. We guarantee that all clients understand our corporate policies and are not being deceived in any manner. Customers are personally informed about the benefits and drawbacks of each package, and personalized packages are created depending on their feedback, opinions, and needs. After the confirmation, no additional money is ever charged.

Other Mandatory Features

Also, our hotel's must-have features are- originality in hotel architecture and interior design, swimming pool, steam bath, business center, gym, tennis (optional), 24-hour reception service, and reception.  Caffe with lobby service, Breakfast service, state-of-the-art restaurant, Valle parking with doorman service, 24-hour bell boy, personalized greetings for guests upon entry into the room, 24-hour room service, chest of drawers, dry  Cleaning laundry service, internet, cosmetics in the bathroom, etc.

Hotel Booking in Bangladesh with ITS Holidays Ltd

ITS Holidays Ltd. The most prestigious hotel booking Company in Bangladesh. To maintain our good reputation, we built a housing system in Bangladesh. So we have our accommodation facility. In Bangladesh alone, we have approximately 200 apartments. We provide a selection of accommodation alternatives for our valued travelers. We always create different packages based on our clients' demands and budgets. Our hotel facilities range from business class to five-star, with business class hotels being tremendous and affordable and five-star hotels being luxurious. We achieve this by considering our customers' purchasing power. Each package includes a stay at one of the country's most prominent hotels. Also swimming pool, steam bath, business center, gym,  24-hour reception service, Caffe with lobby service, Breakfast service, state-of-the-art restaurant, Valle parking with doorman service, 24-hour bell boy, personalized greetings for guests upon entry into the room, 24-hour room service, chest of drawers, dry  Cleaning laundry service, internet, cosmetics in the bathroom, etc. are the common futures of our hotel apartments.

Before the boxes are confirmed, enough preparations are made for food, lodging, and other necessities. Our organization also rents apartments for clients from the country's other accommodation companies. In that case, we assist clients with Hotel booking in Bangladesh from other companies in our responsibility. So you have varieties of dimensions of our customer service. We are the first and only company in Bangladesh to provide a dependable answer to all of your issues related to Hotel booking in Bangladesh. We have transformed the whole system into a streamlined process that includes information distribution, an automated application, and appointment system assistance lines.

What we offer to our clients

  • Accommodation in the country's most prestigious and high-quality hotels.
  • Vast hotel lobby with the preponderance of green.
  • Personal parking facility.
  • International standard architecture.
  • Round-the-clock service by Our experienced staff.
  • Staff members fluent in numerous languages for international consumers.
  • 24-hour room service.
  • Single and family rooms/apartments are available.
  • Several beds can be configured.
  • Instant hotel booking.
  • Flexible conditions.
  • Attractive discounts on each hotel booking.
  • Free room cleaning and some additional services.
  • Assurance of high-quality meals prepared by the professional chef in each hotel.
  • Round the clock service by Our experienced Travel professionals.

What we are Not Offering 

  • Any personal expenses( like Minibar, private medicine, & Telephone recharge, etc.)
  • Any responsibility related to Emigration.
  • Entry ticket costs in any tourist place.
  • Traveling charge.
  • Security of not losing your electric device and finances.
  • Personal loan.
  • And anything that our agency doesn't commit.

Final Words

Considering the reputation of our company and all of the facilities included in these low-cost packages we offer to the guests, it might be an excellent choice for you if you are in search of a hotel in Bangladesh. So, without further time wasted, please get in touch with us if you are interested. You may reach us by visiting our website, liking our Facebook page, or contacting us directly at the phone number given or email address below.

Corporate Office Address

Punashi Villa, Flat-4/A, Level-4, House-150, Block-E, Road-10, Banani, Dhaka-1213, Bangladesh.

Contact Numbers:

Mobile: +88 01684 720 008

Mobile: +8801716-151 880



Company Profile:


Please submit your query to the following address if you are interested.

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