Book Your Charter Flight in Bangladesh

Unanticipated incidents are a common part of life. You don't know when you might be needed for international events or client meetings.  Whenever an unanticipated event occurs, charter flights become your savior.

Charter flights are flights made through specific requests by organizations or important people. These are not found in the normal flight schedule on an airline's website. ITS Holidays is the leading travel agency that helps you organize charter flights in an instant.

ITS Holidays Top-Tier Charter Flight Service

ITS Holidays' Charter flight services are useful for meeting the needs of both business and pleasure travelers. Charter flights offer business clients an effective and adaptable way to transfer executives, teams, or clients.

We are a premium travel agency proud to provide VIPs, government officials, and those planning special events with specialized charter flight services catered to their specific demands. We stand out in the travel industry for our flawless and opulent experiences because of our dedication to quality and meticulous attention to detail.

We recognize the value of privacy, ease, and adaptability for VIPs. Modern amenities are included in private aircraft charters provided by ITS Holidays, which guarantees a confidential and customized travel experience. Our VIP premium customers can take pleasure in the convenience of personalized travel plans, attentive concierge services, and scheduling flexibility.

ITS Holidays is aware of the particular procedures and security precautions related to official travel for government officials and complies with them.

To maintain efficiency while adhering to rules, we work closely with the appropriate authorities.  Government personnel, being highly important, are considered elite-class customers who are offered charter flight services prioritizing security, confidentiality, and punctuality.

Planning is crucial for any event, whether personal or professional. Charter flight services are provided by ITS Holidays for also occasions like destination weddings or private grand parties. For instance, chartering a flight from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar or Bangladesh to Malaysia.

To provide a remarkable experience for every guest, our committed event planning staff works closely with our luxury customers to create travel arrangements, even arranging several flights if necessary.

We collaborate with aviation partners to set up the admin and logistics of the flight charter. This entails deciding on the right aircraft depending on the needs of our domestic customers as well as international customers and organizing the most practical and effective flight path.

After the flight information is finalized, ITS Holidays designs a customized schedule for you. This entails scheduling the hours of departure and arrival, planning any necessary layovers or stops, and implementing particular in-flight amenities or services based on your preferences.  Ahead of the charter flight, ITS Holidays makes sure that all required paperwork is completed.

Why Choose ITS Holidays

ITS Holidays strives to provide any particular in-flight amenities or services that the customer requests. This could entail setting up meals, making sure there are entertainment options available, and fulfilling any unique demands, such as extra seating or particular cabin configurations.

Setting safety and compliance is one of our main commitments. We carefully conduct proper inspections of the chosen charter and cabin crew to guarantee compliance with industry standards and safety laws.

Our clients keep efficient communication with one another during the entire procedure. We serve as an initial point of contact, taking care of any issues, responding to questions, and offering assistance before, during, and following the charter flight.

Creating a seamless and pleasurable travel experience that is customized to the client's requirements is the aim.

We strive to continuously improve ourselves by enhancing our offerings over time. ITS Holidays believes in cultivating long-lasting connections with our clients.