How Many European Visa-processing Embassies or Visa Centers Are Available in Bangladesh?

How Many European Visa-processing Embassies or Visa Centers Are Available in Bangladesh?

Currently, Bangladesh is home to a number of embassies and visa agencies that handle European visas, giving Bangladeshi nationals who want to travel to Europe a variety of possibilities. These centers simplify the application procedure, making it easier for people who are organizing travel for business, pleasure, education, or other objectives.

One important place for handling Schengen visa applications is the German Embassy in Dhaka. Germany is a major participant in the Schengen Area, thus its embassy makes the application procedure easier for anyone who want to travel to Germany and other Schengen nations. Candidates must provide the required paperwork, such as trip itinerary, evidence of financial stability, and insurance, and can make appointments online.

The French Embassy located in Dhaka is an additional significant location for obtaining visas. Known for its extensive history, culture, and tourism, France draws a large number of Bangladeshi tourists every year. The French embassy makes sure that applicants fulfill all requirements, including submitting biometric information and detailed travel schedules, in order to guarantee an effortless and effective visa purchasing procedure.

The Italian Embassy in Dhaka handles visa processing for Italy, another well-liked European travel destination. The embassy deals with a number of visa categories, such as business, student, and tourist visas. Candidates have to conform to certain requirements, such as providing a thorough itinerary, verification of their accommodation, and evidence of having enough money for their stay in Italy.

Spain maintains a strong presence in Dhaka as well through its embassy, which handles traveler visa applications. Visa applications for business, tourism, and short-term study are made easier by the Spanish embassy. To prevent delays or denials, applicants must make sure that all of their supporting documentation—including invitation letters, bank statements, and travel insurance—complies with Schengen visa regulations.

The Dutch embassy in Dhaka is the place to go if you are thinking about visiting the Netherlands. Services for multiple visa types, such as business, family visitation, and tourism, are offered by the embassy. The Netherlands, which is renowned for its bustling towns and gorgeous scenery, demands that applicants submit comprehensive trip itineraries, evidence of sufficient funds, and current travel insurance.

In addition to specific embassies, the Dhaka-based VFS Global visa application offices act as a hub for other European nations. VFS Global expedites the application process for applicants by managing visa applications for multiple Schengen nations. To ensure a more convenient experience, they provide comprehensive services such document verification, biometric data gathering, and appointment booking.

UK visas are processed at the British High Commission in Dhaka. Even though it is no longer a member of the EU, Bangladeshi tourists nevertheless frequently visit the UK. The High Commission is responsible for processing applications for a range of visas, such as work, student, and tourist visas. Candidates must adhere to strict requirements, which include submitting biometric data and thorough travel and lodging schedules.

Applications for Schengen visas are also handled by the Greek Embassy in Dhaka for travelers planning to Greece. Greece is a popular travel destination for Bangladeshis because of its stunning islands and rich history. The Greek embassy requests that applicants submit a detailed schedule of their travels, verification of their lodging, and evidence of their ability to pay for their stay.

Other European nations, like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, also provide visa services through their individual embassies or consulates in Dhaka, in addition to these embassies. Every location has the same application procedure for Schengen visas, which calls for thorough paperwork and strict adherence to regulations in order to guarantee that the visa is issued.

All things considered, Bangladesh offers its citizens numerous ways to apply for European visas, with a number of embassies and visa agencies making the procedure easier. By making sure that candidates fulfill all standards, these facilities offer a quick and easy application process. Travelers from Bangladesh can use these reputable visa processing centers to obtain visas for a variety of European destinations, including business, tourism, and education.

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Why Choose ITS Holidays Ltd. for Europe Visa Processing?

ITS Holidays Ltd. is a leading option when it comes to processing visas for Europe. Their vast experience in managing visa applications guarantees a seamless and effective procedure. Their experienced staff keeps up with the most recent changes to visa laws, which lowers the possibility of mistakes or delays. This knowledge is essential for negotiating the complexity of the visa policies of the many European nations.

Moreover, ITS Holidays Ltd. provides individualized service catered to the requirements of every customer. They are aware that each passenger has particular needs and situations. Their committed staff offers tailored advice and help whether you're applying for a business, tourist, or student visa. This tailored strategy raises the chances of a good outcome while also simplifying the application procedure.

Selecting ITS Holidays Ltd. also has the major benefit of having an extensive support network. They help with all stages of the procedure, from the first consultation to the last filing. This covers following up with clients, setting up appointments, and verifying documents. Their dedication to offering comprehensive assistance guarantees that customers are confident and well-prepared throughout the process of applying for a visa.


In conclusion, because of its knowledge, attentive service, and all-encompassing support, ITS Holidays Ltd. is a great option for processing visas to Europe. By selecting them, you may proceed through the visa application process with confidence and ease, knowing that you have a team of experts committed to your success.

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